Rogers Adventist School Lessons

I will work with your child’s teacher to schedule an agreeable lesson time. Time slots are between 30 – 45 minutes.

I give private lessons on a weekly basis in 30, 40 & 45 minute time slots. I expect students to be prepared for their weekly lesson.

Lesson Preparation

I ask that students have a piano at home. Please try to tune it once a year. I recommend Lee Johnson (360) 241-7142 or Dickerson’s Piano Service (541) 938-7551. Beginning students may start on a digital keyboard with 88 full-sized keys. However, investing in an acoustic piano as study progresses is strongly advised. 

I expect a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes practice 5 or 6 days a week for beginning students (average age of 7 – 9 years old). Practice time needs to increases as your child becomes more advanced. For example, an average 12-year-old needs about 40 minutes daily to advance.

I structure practice goals to evaluate my students’ quantity of practice, & even more importantly, quality of practice. I provide each student with a practice goal (e.g. 120 minutes for the week) & a weekly practice log. On the log, students check a box after practicing their piece 3 times. Specific goals are also written directly on their music.

Most students need an adult’s help, at least at first, to meet their goals. Giving your child a choice about when to practice is often helpful. For example, “Do you want to practice now or right after dinner?” Support them with lots of energy & excitement. Take a few minutes to sit & listen. Keep distractions out of the practice room. Add piano practice to your child’s chore list. The more involved you are the better your child will do.

Performance Opportunities

Students will have several opportunities to perform during the school year: Fall recital, the music artistry program, & a spring recital.

Tuition & Attendance

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Monthly fees reserve a weekly time slot in my studio. These fees do not include the cost of music books. Cost of music books varies. As a general rule, expect to spend at least $30 over the year. More if your child advances very quickly. Tuition is prorated over a 9 month period, September – May.

I offer 2 makeup lessons per year for these situations: Illness and/or death in the family (24 hours advance notice required).

If you have a conflict with your lesson time, you may switch time slots with another student. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will reimburse or reschedule.